Discover the 4Qs to raise a wholesome and resilient child.

Executive Function Quotient

Tap into the CEO of the Brain which controls the smooth function of the rest of the brain.

Resilience Quotient

Having Grit and a Growth Mindset to keep persevering and learning from mistakes.

Emotional Quotient

Emotional regulation and Social skills are increasingly important in this generation of children.

Intelligence Quotient

It is not just about the IQ the child is born with, but learning how to learn better.

Parents’ Testimonials

“Josh was very scatterbrained before, and he struggled to focus on the details of a task or homework assignment. He would need to hear instructions multiple times before following them, and would often forget important details. After a term attending The Little Executive classes, Josh’s Chinese enrichment teacher said that it is now much easier to teach him because he focuses better and absorbs information faster. He has developed a positive attitude towards learning and isn’t afraid to try difficult challenges.”

– Mrs Lilian Woo, mum of Josh

“Ethel used to freeze in a new class setting and could not express herself. She disliked doing show and tell in school. She used to take a back seat in class and only participated in discussions when prompted. Now she is able to speak confidently and organise her thoughts logically. Ethel used to be timid in class but she’s now able to voice her own opinions and substantiate them. She also takes the initiative to be proactive and helps her peers. We are delighted to see more of her leadership traits manifesting as she progresses at TLE!”

– Felicia Goh, mum of Ethel

“After just 3 months of lessons Cayen has shown a huge improvement in mental stamina. Previously he would lose focus, fidget and he could not concentrate for more than 30 minutes which really affected his performance in class. Now he is able to sit still and pay attention for a full 90 minutes. Cayen handles change much better and is able to accept alternative ideas instead of throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. He used to act up in class but he’s now a role model for the other students.”

– Jene, mum of Cayen

By working on the 4Qs, it is the fundamental way to unlock the limitless potential in a child.

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