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The Executive Edge

Growth Mindset

Does your child resist learning new things or refuse to put in effort for difficult work? We inculcate a Growth Mindset in our students through redefining the way they approach challenges.

Learning DNA

Do you have to constantly repeat your instructions because your child is not listening? Or do they jump into a task without thinking? Our 5 Step Learning Process aims to help them become independent, confident and ambitious learners.

Executive Function Skills

Is your child constantly forgetting to bring their things for school? Does your child struggle with following their daily schedule? By honing their Executive Function skills we set the foundation for effective learning, enabling them to reach their full potential.
Kids with a Growth Mindset embrace challenges, don’t give up, and are more inclined to try new things. They will not be disheartened by failures but instead see them as an opportunity to grow. Children who exhibit a Growth Mindset do not see obstacles as barriers, but as a chance to learn something new. They relish competition, and are inspired by the success of others.

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Kids with good Learning Habits will listen and observe before they attempt a task or activity. They are able to spot their own mistakes and self-correct without constant supervision from teachers or parents.

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An increase in mental stamina helps your child focus better in class and cope with the rigours of school. They’ll be able to perform well under pressure, block out distractions and approach homework and tasks more systematically.

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Don’t just take it from us.

Hear it from the parents who have taken the leap.

“Kyle has matured tremendously in his thinking, behaviour at school and interactions with his friends. He now shows a lot more respect than he did before. He’s more focused when he does an activity, gets distracted less, and shows enthusiasm even when he can’t complete the task. He’s always telling me how much he loves coming to his ‘Bobo bear class’!” – Mrs Sian Hui Cheam, mummy of Kyle

“Josh’s Chinese enrichment teacher says that it is now much easier to teach him because he can focus better and his absorption rate is faster. We have seen a huge improvement in his overall learning attitude after two terms at TLE.” – Mrs Lillian Woo, mummy of Josh

“TLE has taught Beth to be more aware of her actions and has improved her impulse control. This helps her to be more careful when doing her work. Best of all, these skills are taught in a fun and stress-free environment!” – Dr Marina Teh, mummy of Beth

“The holiday camp was a real treat for E, and the greatest reward for me was to see how the camp had developed a growth mindset in her. She has started revising her Chinese language readers on a daily basis, asking her brother for help with words that she doesn’t know. Needless to say, I am more than pleased!” Dr Deborah Gifford, blogger of Owl’s Well blog and mummy of E

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