Globe Trekker holiday camp review

My 7 year old was whisked off to a 5 day Globe Trekker holiday camp with The Little Executive at the start of the June school holidays. It was his first time going for a holiday camp and he didn’t quite know what to expect.

… Very soon, he forgot about our morning fuss and disappeared into his classroom without bidding goodbye. By the time I picked him up after the class, he was chatty and chirpy and rattling off about what he had learned. They had travelled to Mexico and learned about the Aztec people. They did some worksheets, made some craft and tasted some food. It was not hard to see that a lot of thought has been put into the lesson plan. Everything was planned around the country they ‘travelled’ to that day. I like this thematic way of teaching and learning. There are so many interesting things and ways to learn about a country!

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The Opportunity to Live an Astronaut's Life!

“The kiddos were really immersed and intrigued with their Space Astronauts role! Only Smiles and giggles in her Astronaut Training Camp. Boon Xin proudly displayed her improvised Space Helmet and Jetpacks! Parents will be impressed from Day 1 of workshop.

Space Shuttle, from conception to construction. Kids let their imagination bring them to Jupiter and back! (just like TLE’s logo From Classroom to Boardroom)”


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P1 Prep Camp at The Little Executive

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I have heard so much about The Little Executive from Mamawearpapashirt, so when Michelle from TLE approached me to join a holiday workshop last December for the P1 Prep Camp, I was definitely excited! I was not sure what to expect from the class, but felt any prep class would be welcome. He was apprehensive about joining the 4-day programme at The Little Executive, and complained the first 2 days about having to go. It was as expected, and sure some of it was probably due to post-lunch sleepiness, but thankfully he enjoyed it enough not to complain about the following 2 days. Phew!

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P1 Prep worksheets

A roaring good time at Dino Discovery Camp!

WRITTEN by Debra, Olimomok blog.
The Little Executive’s Dino Discovery Camp is aimed at developing necessary 21st century skills for children. The camp spanned 4 half-days with Sean in the P1 group and Ryan the Nursery group. I really appreciated that I could drop both of them at the camp at the same time yet the learning activities were tailored to specific age groups.

Over the four days, our budding mini paleontologists embarked on many exciting adventures, every one of which has been carefully planned with precise learning objectives.

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A roaring good time at The Little Executive Dino Discovery Camp

Developing a Growth Mindset in kids

WRITTEN by Debs, Owls Well blog.
“The Astronaut Training Camp, which was held over 4 mornings, was a real treat for J and Little E. Through games, sensory experiments and brainstorming sessions, the kids used their problem solving, communication and observational skills to learn about various aspects of preparing for space travel – even preparing their own dehydrated snacks from bananas, troubleshooting potential issues that might happen during space missions and working together to construct their own shuttle!”

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Owls Well Composite 2

Owls Well composite

Dino Discovery Camp

WRITTEN by Candice, Missus Tay’s Journal.
The camp also incorporates 21st century competencies such as collaborative problem solving, analytical thinking, interpersonal skills, teamwork, communication and innovative thinking into the activities. The cub has been working on these skills in his regular classes and got to put them to practice as he tried to solve problems and tackle quests with his friends from camp.

Every morning, he would prepare himself enthusiastically for the day ahead at TLE. Every night, he would regale us with what he did in camp and what he learned about the dinosaurs upon our return from work. The excitement was unmistakable!

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Astronaut Training Camp - A big hit!

WRITTEN by Selena, Unlikely Lady of Leisure

One of the activities was a constellation track, which Asher really enjoyed. He had to guide his friends through a constellation of stars according to a pre-determined path, much like how mission control guides a team remotely. It’s fun for the kids, but really tests their ability to observe, translate from 2D to 3D, and communicate their instructions clearly to others.

The kids probably didn’t realise how much they were learning. It’s a case of more-than-meets-the-eye. For some of the activities, I can’t put my finger on it, on how it works, but it’s almost like it’s a process the kids have to go through in order to unlock something inside. Then something clicks, and they have it.

Not only is it a fun camp for the kids with many interesting activities, the camp equips them with skills that are transferable to other areas of their lives.

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Astronaut Camp - Developing a Growth Mindset

WRITTEN by Evelyn, The Bottomsup Blog

“I appreciated that the passport outlined the skills they were trying to develop with each activity. It showed that they weren’t choosing activities just to fit a theme. Each activity had a purpose that was in line with the skills and attitudes that they hope to build in kids, so that they can be better learners in school.”

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Astronaut Training Camp - Beyond Academic Excellence

WRITTEN by Angeline, Life’s Tiny Miracles blog

“Preparing our kids to ace their exams is a myopic way of parenting. Our children need a set of essential life-skills, good learning habits and a growth mindset to go beyond being ‘book-smart’ to thrive in this fast-changing world.”

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Ryan's Outer Space Adventure

WRITTEN by Debra, Olimomok blog

“Saving the best for last, their biggest Space Mission of all – building their very own space shuttle rocket out of recycled materials. The children worked together in teams, planning and prioritising and tapped on everyone’s strengths. The children were very proud to show off their handmade creations at the presentation for parents on the final day.”

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