The kids look forward to class every week

WRITTEN by Candice, Missus Tay’s Journal

“This seems to be really deep stuff – Executive Functioning Skills for preschoolers? Self-monitor and self-check their own work?! But hey, if there’s any good time to cultivate good habits, I’d say the younger the better. With any luck, I might save on tuition fees when they go to primary school if they can put these learning habits to good use!”

Read on to find out how this mum of a K1 boy saw positive results after 4 sessions!

“As he is somewhat averse to new challenges and things he is not familiar with, the teacher sets little challenges during the session to train a positive attitude towards accepting challenges. This is one attitude the Hubs and I have been trying to correct for ages. I’m glad to update that with some practice at TLE classes and reinforcement at home, we are beginning to see a positive shift in attitude. He would stop himself halfway while whining and say, “Ok, I will try!”