What our Parents say

“When we first heard of The Little Executive’s programmes, we knew it’s something we have been looking for. At The Little Executive, their outlook towards a child’s development extends beyond just the academic or interests or talents.” (Angeline, mum to Dana)

“Of course, it helps that lessons at TLE appear to be extremely enjoyable for the kids! They have been going to TLE for some weeks now. Bobo bear class, as they call it affectionately. In fact, when we had to miss one session due to school events, the kids kept asking me “how Mommy?? We cannot go to Bobo bear class!” If only the enthusiasm stretches across all enrichment classes.” (Candice, mum to Thad)

“The littlest had a blast this September hols with his first ever camp – and not just any camp, mind you, but an out-of-this-world Astronaut Training Camp by The Little Executive! From the joy on Daryl’s face every morning when he heard he was going toAstro Camp again, it’s clear that he had a wonderful, great adventure.” (Dorothea, mum to Daryl)

“I appreciated that the [astronaut] passport outlined the skills they were trying to develop with each activity. It showed that they weren’t choosing activities just to fit a theme. Each activity had a purpose that was in line with the skills and attitudes that they hope to build in kids, so that they can be better learners in school.” (Evelyn, mum to Z)

“Asher is generally the one-word-response kind of boy. But at the end of each day at this camp, he would go on and on about what he did, what they were planning for the spaceship, how much fun he had, and that he couldn’t wait to come back again the next day. Definitely a score! (Selena, mum to Asher)

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