Themed Birthday Party for Kids

Storytelling sessions

Birthday party activities

Party highlights (Dino Dig or Scavenger Hunt)

Fun games segment 

Package Includes

- use of location for Birthday Party @ TLE for 2.5 hours

- party hosts

- e-invites (via Whatsapp / Email)

- themed decor

- special gift for the birthday child

- TLE vouchers for invited guests

- kids high tea buffet


Optional Items*

- themed goodie bags [$5 or $10]

- adults high tea buffet


*Optional items are charged separately

*Bespoke customised parties are available upon request

*Birthday requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance

"Thank you for throwing such a fun Dino Party for my son, Koji’s 4th birthday! The kids (and parents) all had a great time and it was the easiest and most stress-free party I have ever organised. The kids were totally engaged by the activities - highly recommend!"

- Eunice, Mom of Koji (N2)   


Other Themes Available

- Dino Hunt 

- Rainbow Unicorns

- Magical Princess

- Underwater World

- Outer Space Mission


Package Rates

10 kids

$780 thereafter $75/kid

20 kids

$1380 thereafter $65/kid

Birthday Party Timings


4:00 - 6:30


3:30 - 6:00 

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