The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Debbie Lim, Educator

Name: Debbie Lim

Background: 8 years of teaching experience 


Where I’ve taught: Singapore Polytechnic, Julia Gabriel

Subjects taught: Speech and Drama, Life Skills, Critical Thinking, Personal Development, Communication skills


Right before TLE: I was teaching Speech and Drama at Julia Gabriel for 5 years to children from 3-16 years old.

Why TLE?

Having been an educator for both preschool and tertiary level students, I have observed that our children can be more than just academic subject experts. They are unique and precious individuals who need experiences and a set of tools to grow into purposeful members of society, armed with resilience, confidence and empathy.

TLE's philosophy echoes deeply with me not only as an educator but as a mother to 3 young children and I personally believe in and am a strong advocate of TLE's pedagogy.


Education: Bachelor of Communication Studies and English Language, Julia Gabriel Teaching Certificate 


Dream Job: To be a farmer!


Fun Facts:

- I was a bird show presenter at the Jurong Bird Park when I was 18.

- I taught my 2 pet parrots to fly. They flew away.

- I look forward to my next pet parrot.