Dino Mission.png

Have you ever wondered?
Or asked yourselves why

Some dinosaurs walked

While others could fly?


Shall we go on this adventure?

To unearth great unknowns,

From solving mind puzzles

To digging up bones


I urge you then,

Mini palaeontologists,

To go on a mission

You really can’t miss!



- Ice breaker games

- My Favourite Dinosaurs

- What’s the Time Mr Dino

- T-Rex Story time

- Dino Fun Facts

- Stomp & Freeze Game

- MIni Palaeontologist Training

- Toolkit Scavenger Hunt

- Digging for bones

- DIY Dino fossils


K1 & K2

23 July

10:00 am - 3:00 pm



Learn more about the 4Qs here