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Dino Camp

What do dinosaurs eat?

How loud were their roars?

How big did they get?

Did they walk on all fours?


Have you ever wondered?

Or asked yourselves why

Some dinosaurs walked

While others could fly?


Shall we go on this adventure?

To unearth great unknowns,

From solving mind puzzles,

To digging up bones


I urge you then

Mini palaeontologists,

To go on a mission,

You really can’t miss!

Skills Covered:

Questioning skills


Strategic planning
Working together in teams
Controlling themselves
Active listening skills
Keen observation 
Memory recall


N2 - K2


10 - 11 June

10:00 am - 4:00 pm



10% off for groups of 3

5% off for all TLE students

Learn more about the 4Qs here

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