Duck Duck Goose Camp.png

5 Stones! Goli! Pick-up sticks!
Do these games sound familiar to you?

It brings back great memories of

a wonderful and carefree childhood.

One which was spent playing outdoors,

making friends, thinking up simple games and having so much fun...

Wouldn’t it be nice for your own kids

to experience that kind of joy too?

At TLE, they can.


Our Duck Duck Goose Camp

will not only introduce our childhood games to your children,

they will also be encouraged to create

their own or even merge the old and the new.  

Let your Little Executives unwind this holiday

and who knows, they may revive these family games in your homes too!

Skills Developed: 
Social Awareness
Impulse Control
Growth mindset
Critical Thinking
Emotional regulation



N2 - P3 students


18 - 19 March 

10:00 am to 4:00 pm



10% off for groups of 3

5% off for all TLE students

Learn more about the 4Qs here