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Gene Chua, Educator

Name: Gene Chua

Background: Over 10 years as a preschool educator, teaching kids aged 6 months to 6 years


Where I've taught: Preschools and Brain Enrichment programmes

Right Before TLE: My Little Genius



Why TLE? 

I believe in the importance of fostering mental resilience in children to aid in their personal and social development, and I strongly advocate using play to help children achieve academic success the stress-free way.


Education: Degree in Psychology and Counseling from Roehampton University in the U.K


Dream Job: When I was young, all my friends wanted to be a doctor or lawyer. I wanted to become a mother. I've been blessed with a cheeky little girl named Emma. 


Fun Facts:

- If you have to get me something, make sure it's blue

- If you want to scare me, cockroaches are my #1 phobia

- If you want to eat, call me - I'm adept at both cooking and baking 

- If you want to go somewhere, I'm not the woman to take you - I have no driver's license


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