Jolly Camp.png

What are you doing this Christmas?
Where will you be?
If you’re stuck in Singapore like me,
Let’s spend it together, shall we?

During this festive period, in uncertain times,

let us not lose sight of hope.
For ‘tis the Season of Giving, and at TLE,

we’ll like to extend this spirit to our community.


Families, come soak in the warmth of the season

and join in our inaugural

Jolly Jingle Camp!


The children will be guided to hone not only their entrepreneurial skills,

but also to develop a sense of empathy

for the less fortunate around them.


They will be developing their Executive Function skills

in a tangible way as they work through the process from start to finish,

brainstorming what would sell, planning the items they wish to create,

and working as a team of little elves as they decorate and present their

Jolly Jingle Stalls to you parents!


The money collected will be for a good cause,

as they decide on the charity of their choice to support.

Empowering our Little Executives to do Great Deeds, one step at a time!

Skills Developed:
Planning and Prioritizing
Task Initiation
Strategic and Critical Thinking
Social Awareness
Entrepreneur spirit 
Growth mindset


N2 - P3 

9 & 10 December

1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Parents are invited in at 5:30 pm -6:00 pm on Thursday to do your Christmas Shopping of your children’s very own handiwork.



10% off if you bring  2 more friends!

5% off for all TLE students

Learn more about the 4Qs here