The biggest change that matters begins from the inside.

- Anon

Melissa Tan, Educator

Name: Melissa Tan


Where I've taught: My First Skool, Mindchamps

Subjects taught: English, Reading and Writing

Right before TLE: Mindchamps Reading and Writing Preschool


Why TLE?

I find great joy in helping children discover their inner potential and achieve their cognitive and socio-emotional goals, and I'm a firm believer in ‘learning through play’ for children to truly enjoy the learning process and to retain knowledge. To me, each child has limitless potential - they just need to find the keys to unlock this treasure chest.


Education: Bachelor of Science, Business from University of London; Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Applied Linguistics (Singapore University of Social Sciences) 


Dream Job: My dream job is to be an ESL teacher


Fun Facts: 

- My height may intimidate you, but my shoe size will wow you. I'm a size 10! 

- Though I'm tall, I'm afraid of heights 

- I am a carnivore, but still love my vegetables!

- I am a water tank - drinking at least 2L of water everyday  

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