Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
- Nelson Mandela

Michelle Tham, Co-Founder/Director

Michelle is the principal co-founder of Leapfrogs Children’s Therapy Centre and heads the Speech Team. She graduated from the University of Queensland in Australia with top Honors in speech language pathology and is on the Dean’s list. Upon returning to Singapore, she worked in KK Women’s and Children’s hospital before she started The Children’s Speech Therapist in 2003. The practice grew to Leapfrogs in 2005 and continues today. The inspiration, research, and design for the curriculum at The Little Executive emerged out of all the years working with over 6000 children

Michelle finds great delight in understanding how each little human being is unique and is constantly fueled by their small but meaningful achievements, tickled by their unexpected comebacks, and inspired by their absorbent minds.

She is currently a Clinical Supervisor and external council member supporting the Masters of Speech Pathology Programme in the National University of Singapore, served on the board for additional qualifications with the Allied Health Professional Council, and has been involved in leading several volunteer speech therapy training projects with the Singapore International Foundation. Michelle has been invited as a specialist to numerous talks, workshops and has been interviewed on the topic of children development and currently holds 12 certificates from the College of Teachers, UK and is pursuing IACT, USA accreditation. She knows though, that when it comes to children, no course will have all the answers and that as she teaches them, they will be her greatest teachers.

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