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Primary 1 Prep Online Class

[10 weeks via Zoom]


It’s been a challenging year and due to the school closures and disruptions to their learning, K2 children may not be adequately prepared for P1.


Parents are undoubtedly worried and wondering if their K2 child is ready for what is expected of them in P1.


We are here to help. In addition to our signature 2 day P1 Prep camp which is a simulated trial run to prepare them for the big transition, we are launching a 10 week intensive programme to get them ready for the demands of primary school.


These include developing their Executive Function skills like being able to focus, plan ahead, being responsible for their own homework and teaching them how to be good online learners to adapt to the move towards Home-based learning (HBL) days in primary school as well as inculcating a growth mindset so they will have a positive attitude towards learning and making mistakes.


Lessons are 1.5 hours every Thursday via zoom. Classes are kept small to ensure excellent support from our experienced educators.


Enrol your child in our Intensive Primary 1 Prep Online Programme and give them a head start to begin 2022 with confidence, assurance and resilience.


Skills Developed:

Planning what needs to be done and when to do it

Getting started on tasks 

Being organized

Time management

Growth mindset

Online etiquette 

Logical thinking

Good money decisions


At the end of the 10 weeks, you will get an Executive Function Readiness Assessment report to help you understand how ready your child is for Primary school. This includes areas like their attention, ability to follow instructions, social skills, emotional development and resilience.



16 Sept - 25 Nov

Every Thursday

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm



(max of 5 students in class)

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