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Is it October already?!

"Where has the time gone? Only 3 months left to 2021?!" *Cue panic scream*

If this is you every time you look at the calendar, you are not alone.

In these unprecedented times, in an uncertain environment, it is only natural to feel a little worried and anxious for your child entering Primary 1 in a few months time.

This feeling I am sure is even more compounded by the fact that your child missed a few good months of pre-school education, and the cancellation of Primary 1 orientation, that has been an integral part of the Primary 1 transition process.

At TLE, we understand your anxiety.

Which is why we have curated a highly effective P1 Prep Camp that has been running successfully for a few years now.

Was that a sigh of relief I heard?

Good, you know a good thing when you see one.

Check out our TLE website for more information of our upcoming P1 Prep Camp dates, our FB page for photos of past year P1 Prep camps, and Youtube for P1 Prep Camp videos.

See you soon.

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