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Our kids are yearning for our Presence

Mummies and daddies, consider this scenario.

It is the end of a work day. Your children are excited to see you and eager for your attention.

You have a choice for the next 20 minutes.

Option A:

Pay full attention, listen actively and ask meaningful questions.

Option B:

Nod absentmindedly, distracted by a million other things on your to-do list.

While the most obvious choice for the benefit of our kids would be Option A, most parents would find it difficult to stay engaged while you have a household to run and things to get done before settling the kids into bed.

We are human after all.

Here's a solution.

Kids Do need our full attention, and it is best to give it to them IMMEDIATELY when you see them after a long day apart.

You are the whole world to them. They have spent the day in school or childcare and can't wait to see their parents.

However, you don't have to feel guilty about not being able to spend hours with them. In many families, both parents are working, and time is very limited. What you can do is to give them just 15 minutes of your undivided attention upon seeing them, and they will be filled with your love and physical connection from hugs and kisses.

Thereafter, you can explain to your child what needs to be done eg. dinner prep or homework supervision, and they can look forward to spending time again with you at bedtime. Better still, get them to assist you in whatever small way they can.

Thus, instead of finding it a chore, time with your kids will be meaningful and you will enjoy each other's company so much more.

Let's give our children the gift of our presence today.

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