It's better to know how to learn than to know

- Dr Seuss

Pressy Santos-Rowe, Educator

Name: Ms Pressy Santos-Rowe


Before TLE: Taught kids aged 3-9 in a Montessori-based setting for the past 7 years.


Why TLE?

TLE’s mission aligns with my own convictions that childhood education, in its broadest sense, is such an important foundation for adult life. By education, we refer to involving the “whole being” in development. Having journeyed closely with my 2 adolescent children, I have witnessed the importance of joy in learning and exploration, to become adaptive lifelong learners, to be happy with oneself.


Education: Masters’ Degree in Business from London Business School


Dream job: To be an astrounaut


Fun facts

  • An avid diver in my younger days, I’m hoping to go back to diving. I love the sea!

  • We moved house once every 2 years across 7 cities until I settled down with my own family, and have stayed in the same place for 15 years.

  • I am passionate about travelling, Israel is still on my bucket list.

  • My second dream job would be a chocolate taster!