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No longer just about IQ and EQ




Executive Function | Resilience | Emotional | Intelligence

Executive Function Quotient

Executive Function Quotient:

Important skills that help you get things done.


Does your child face any of these?

⇨ has difficulty paying attention
⇨ often interrupts others
⇨ can't follow multi-step instructions
⇨ forgets instructions soon after hearing it
⇨ get's frustrated with changes in schedule
⇨ has difficulty in moving on to next activity
⇨ is disorganized
⇨ struggles with making decisions
⇨ can’t set goals

Resilience Quotient

Resilience Quotient:

The ability to cope with stress and whatever life throws at you.


Does your child face any of these?


⇨ gives up easily
⇨ “I can’t do this” or "this is so hard"
⇨ afraid to try new things
⇨ not self-motivated
⇨ gets frustrated when can’t do an activity
⇨ doesn’t like challenges
⇨ doesn’t learn from their mistakes
⇨ lack of confidence
⇨ needs you beside them very often

Emotional Quotient

Emotional Quotient:

Self-awareness and the ability be in control of one’s emotions.


Does your child face any of these?

⇨ throws tantrums or gets frustrated
⇨ poor social skills
⇨ can’t resolve conflict
⇨ stubborn or wants their way
⇨ can’t regulate their emotions
⇨ not aware of social cues
⇨ not aware of others’ feelings
⇨ struggles to express feelings 
⇨ can’t get along nicely with others

Intelligence Quotient

Intelligence Quotient:

One’s reasoning ability, ability to grasp concepts and connect the dots in a complex environment.


Does your child face any of these?

struggles to make a connection in their learning 
repeatedly makes the same mistakes, seems careless
frequently needs things explained

takes a long time to learn something
unable to spot their own mistakes
thoughts jumbled up
doesn’t know how to “check your own work"
described by teachers as needs to "put in more effort"

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