Racheal Olivero (Mrs SIngapore 2017), mum of 2

This is the place to be! It’s all about the right attitude towards learning to get any child to cope, be great in life and for the future. I’m truly inspired by their unique approach!

Dr Elizabeth Oei, mum of 4

Thank you to the dedicated and caring TLE team who have helped our little princess rein in her inner banshee in the most insightful and respectful manner. We are loving the peace and quiet. Thank you!

Jennifer Yeo, Director, mum of 1

My son’s journey with TLE has been just amazing! Aaron enjoys his weekly classes very much and thanks to his educators who are so dedicated, patient and nurturing, he has become more independent, resilient and focused. These are important qualities which I believe will prepare him for his Primary school education in the next few years. He has also learnt not to give up, throw tantrums or get frustrated when things don’t go his way and he is acquiring the very important skill of learning to self-regulate. Thank you TLE!

Dr Florence Wong, mummy of Janine

Initially, I didn’t see much change in Janine but at the Progress Tracker meeting, her educator was able to easily point out her difficulties, which impressed me. I realised that while change was happening internally, it took time for us to notice it. Over the years, we have seen tremendous improvement in Janine and she has a very positive growth mindset, is not afraid to try new things, can articulate her thoughts well, focus better and complete activities even if they are challenging. It’s been 4 years and she still enjoys coming to TLE!

Marilyn & Daniel, parents of Lovelyn

Lovelyn has been attending TLE for more than 3 years and she’s become more independent, self-motivated and organised. The educators are passionate and experienced and the feedback shared with us parents about our children is extremely beneficial to help us understand and guide them better.