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Our workshops are very popular among children as they are based around relatable themes that they’re familiar with. It is a small taster of what to expect at our weekly classes. The fun activities are designed to ignite excitement towards learning while imparting the fundamentals of our 4Qs approach.

While the children are in class, parents will get to attend the “Empower & Change” Parenting workshop which has helped many families to understand their children’s natural development and to parent them better.


Parent's Learning


Parents were keen to see if their kids managed to pass the “Marshmallow Test”, resisting the urge to gobble their marshmallow and wait for a second one! So much fun and excitement at our booth, while our Founder gave a talk on Raising Resilient Children.


Parent's Experience Day

Not only are our children learning and growing at TLE, so are our parents. We believe in building a strong collaborative partnership, and once a term, our parents attend class as well! Lots of fun and lots of learning. Come join our TLE tribe!

Interracial Family


What a lovely way to celebrate Singapore’s cultural diversity during National Day, as kids worked on their Executive Function skills while parents pitted themselves against one another with our challenging games. Good fun all around!


Turns 2!

TLE kids and their parents celebrated TLE's 2nd year celebration with fun activities and meaningful games!

Cairnhill Community Club


TLE was invited to Cairnhill Community Club for their Bash and boy, was it a day of fun! We introduced our Executive Function trial classes to children and their parents while our Founder gave a parenting talk to 80 families with young children.

Parents as Partners


Our parents get termly training by our founders as they pick-up tips on how to support their children at home to become Little Executives!

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